Fall­ing into place


Ron Gil­bert has ex­per­i­mented with com­bin­ing the core of point-and-click games with other gen­res via Death-Spank and The Cave, but Thim­ble­weed Park rep­re­sents his purest ad­ven­ture in decades. “With The Cave and Deathspank there was a lot of fig­ur­ing out what com­bin­ing those gen­res meant,” Gil­bert says. “With Thim­ble­weed Park I knew I just had to de­sign a point-and-click game, and not have to marry any­thing else to it. It was free­ing. When I first started build­ing the puz­zle de­pen­dency chart for this game, it was very lib­er­at­ing know­ing that all I had to do was just de­sign re­ally good puz­zles.”

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