Land scop­ing


Your jour­ney into the Ex­iled Lands starts with you cru­ci­fied in a desert for ran­domly gen­er­ated crimes (in­clud­ing bad use of gram­mar, de­cap­i­ta­tion of a priest, and free­ing slaves). You sud­denly find your­self freed and fol­low a path into lush river­lands, where you’ll find wood, fi­bre and stone in am­ple sup­ply, along with other play­ers of sim­i­larly low level. Once you’re able to craft bet­ter items, you’ll need to start trav­el­ling out­wards and into more bar­ren lands for coal and iron. On the way you’ll en­counter colos­sal stone stat­ues and de­serted cas­tles, as well as caves to ex­plore. They’re eye-catch­ing mon­u­ments, and vi­tal to nav­i­gat­ing a land that would other­wise be less than mem­o­rable.

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