At the be­gin­ning of the game, Mae’s lap­top is swamped with ad­ware, ren­der­ing it use­less. An­gus gives her a soft­ware fix on a USB stick. It also con­tains a game, a top-down, retro-style dun­geon crawler that Mae can play when she’s not check­ing for mes­sages from Bea or Gregg. It’s a sim­ple con­fec­tion, but sur­pris­ingly ab­sorb­ing and a de­cent chal­lenge, too. You’ll face a va­ri­ety of en­emy archetypes with an an­i­mal­is­tic twist, from skele­tal cats to beaked wizards, with noth­ing more than a sword and a dash move to dodge in­com­ing at­tacks. You’ll need to en­sure your health is topped up be­fore fac­ing the bosses: the first is eas­ily pol­ished off, but the sec­ond is a brute, ca­pa­ble of de­mol­ish­ing much of your life gauge with a sin­gle whack.

Such mo­ments of lev­ity are the per­fect coun­ter­point to an un­der­cur­rent of dark­ness that grows steadily more per­va­sive

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