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While the main fo­cus of Dread­nought will be the on­line 5v5 team matches, Yager is also work­ing on a sin­gle­player cam­paign mode that will fea­ture a cast of swarthy space cap­tains. Yager is keep­ing quiet about the specifics un­til later in the year, how­ever. There’s also a Horde-style mode called Havoc, which is, for the time be­ing at least, ex­clu­sive to the PS4 ver­sion. The mode pits three play­ers against waves of in­creas­ingly daunt­ing enemy fleets, and throws in some boss bat­tles against enor­mously pow­er­ful ships along the way. You’ll re­quire a good mix­ture of classes to pre­vail, and as the number of en­e­mies in­creases it be­comes es­sen­tial to fly in for­ma­tion.

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