Developer Shift Pub­lisher Bandai Namco En­ter­tain­ment For­mat TBA Ori­gin Ja­pan Re­lease 2018


With FromSoft­ware clos­ing the book on the Souls se­ries, Bandai Namco has turned to pro­ducer Yusuke Tomizawa and the GodEater team for a re­place­ment. This anime-style ac­tion-RPG sees you ex­plore dun­geons along­side an AI-con­trolled ‘buddy’ as a vam­piric war­rior who gains pow­ers by con­sum­ing his vic­tims’ blood. If the pub­lisher’s ‘pre­pare to dine’ teaser was an eye­rolling mis­step, its ap­par­ent ea­ger­ness to tout the gru­elling dif­fi­culty level is more con­cern­ing.

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