Dur­ing our visit to the stu­dio, some­one’s taken a lit­eral sledge­ham­mer to the com­pany’s HQ; it has staffed up from Ad­vanced War­fare’s 200-strong de­vel­op­ment team to over 300, and that growth has seen the stu­dio ex­pand to a sec­ond floor, with ex­ten­sive re­mod­elling work un­der­way. That’s quite the chal­lenge for Schofield and Con­drey, who founded Sledge­ham­mer on the be­lief that a stu­dio should feel like a fam­ily. “About the point where you grow past 150, it changes things,” Con­drey says. “The core group we started with eight years ago, we in­ti­mately knew each other and there was a short­hand in our de­vel­op­ment process. Now at 300 it’s about mak­ing sure the values and ideas are cas­cad­ing.” Schofield adds: “The more time you spend in busi­ness, the more you re­alise com­mu­ni­ca­tion’s every­thing. Mankind can build any­thing, but if we can’t com­mu­ni­cate, we’re not go­ing to build shit.” Schofield dis­cov­ered that tank com­man­ders would mod­ify their ve­hi­cles – for­ti­fy­ing the side or front – to suit their pre­ferred tac­tics

We get a quick glimpse of the game’s ver­sion of the bat­tle of Hürt­gen for­est. While scripted, it looks mar­vel­lous

Sledge­ham­mer founders and stu­dio heads Glen Schofield (top) and Michael Con­drey

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