Even though you’ll spend most of your time alone while ex­plor­ing, Rime’s world is team­ing with life. There are crabs on the beach and all man­ner of fish un­der­wa­ter. Iri­des­cent jel­ly­fish form nat­u­ral bar­ri­ers to stop you swim­ming off into the ocean. But­ter­flies and warthogs con­vene around fruit trees. And then there’s the un­set­tling, in­hu­man pres­ence you’ll en­counter later on. But your pri­mary com­pany through­out the ad­ven­ture is a fox that al­ways man­ages to sit next to the path you should take next, and will bark af­ter a while in case you’ve missed it. It’s an un­ob­tru­sive way of res­cu­ing dis­ori­ented play­ers that still al­lows for ex­plo­ration on their own terms.

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