As you play through each mem­ory, every­thing you col­lect along the way – in­clud­ing clip­pings, re­ports, hand-writ­ten notes, schemat­ics and au­dio diaries – is col­lated on a cork board in­side a sort of vir­tual op­er­a­tions room de­vised by Red. Each mem­ory has its own board on which all of the rel­e­vant ar­ti­cles are pinned, with con­nec­tions be­tween them de­noted by a piece of string. Later on, you’ll be able to re­play mem­o­ries to try to dis­cover any vi­tal miss­ing ev­i­dence or in­for­ma­tion, and per­haps tackle them with force in­stead of stealth the sec­ond time around.

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