Speedrun World Records bit.ly/speedWR Speedrun­ning has grown ac­ces­si­ble thanks to Twitch and YouTube – events like Awe­some Games Done Quick have raised mil­lions for char­ity. They tend to fo­cus on the same games, how­ever: peren­nial hits like Ocari­naOf Time, Su­perMario64 or Dark Souls. Those look­ing to mar­vel at un­like­lier fare should head here for a dis­play of the full breadth of the speedrun­ning com­mu­nity. Ev­ery time you click ‘New Run’, you’re treated to a ran­dom se­lec­tion from a huge database of world-record speedruns – per­haps you’ll bag the MassEf­fect tril­ogy, but it’s more likely you’ll see some­one bang­ing through SpaceHunter, Doubut­suNoMoriE+, Con­duit 2, or Jeop­ardy for the NES. It’s equal parts fas­ci­nat­ing and ad­dic­tive, and who knows – you might even find a streamer whose re­lent­less pat­ter you can stand to subscribe to.

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