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Yes, again. But this time, in vir­tual re­al­ity, as Bethesda aims to grant ev­ery Dragon-shout­ing

El­der Scrolls fan their ul­ti­mate wish: trans­port­ing them into a fully ex­plorable, VR-en­abled Skyrim. And, at first, the pos­si­bil­i­ties cap­ti­vate. This will be a com­plete ver­sion of the beloved RPG, we’re told, with the vast prov­ince recre­ated and all quests avail­able. But with each tele­port for­ward, dis­ap­point­ment looms. An up-close, first­per­son view does the 2011-era tex­tures no favours. Turn­ing re­quires blind presses of the Move con­troller’s minis­cule face but­tons. The clunk­i­ness of throw­ing fire­balls or swing­ing blades en­dears some­what; less agree­able is aim­ing an ar­row ef­fec­tively, or hav­ing to en­ter a fid­dly menu to switch weapons mid­fight. El­e­gant it is not, but while there are myr­iad ways to re­visit Skyrim these days, none will put you so close to the ac­tion. That, Bethesda hopes, will be worth all the gold in Tam­riel to some.

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