De­vel­oper BioWare Pub­lisher EA For­mat PC, PS4, Xbox One Re­lease 2018


If you were dis­ap­pointed by Mass Ef­fect An­dromeda, here’s the game to blame; An­them has been BioWare’s pri­mary fo­cus for the past few years. Some of the stu­dio’s fans are un­happy, tak­ing this as a sig­nal that the days of BioWare mak­ing deep, sin­gle­player, story-based games are, if not over, then at least fad­ing fast. Others – us in­cluded – are sim­ply strug­gling to see the game be­neath its all-too-ob­vi­ous in­flu­ences.

There are shades of Ti­tan­fall in its ro­bot de­signs, and of any re­cent Call Of Duty in the class-based, but cus­tomis­able ex­o­suits. Others have pointed out sim­i­lar­i­ties to Kil­l­zone Shadow

Fall or Dead Space or just about any sci-fi shooter you can think of. Mostly, there is Destiny. So, so much Destiny. It is mul­ti­player fo­cused; there is loot; there is even a ten-year plan be­tween de­vel­oper and pub­lisher. An­them is, by a stretch, the bet­ter­look­ing game, and it was a fine choice with which to close out a press con­fer­ence at which Mi­crosoft had an­nounced the most pow­er­ful con­sole of all time. Yet strip away the set dress­ing and you have Destiny with jet­packs, pub­lished by EA. Yes, we know, great artists steal. And sure, if you strip

Destiny back to the bare es­sen­tials it’s not ex­actly an orig­i­nal con­cept. And just as we have played a lot of Destiny, so we will prob­a­bly play a lot of An­them. But it will be tinged with sad­ness – at how one of the last of the big-bud­get story spe­cial­ists has va­cated its wheel­house, and opted in­stead to fol­low the crowd.

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