De­vel­oper Onebit­be­yond Pub­lisher De­volver Dig­i­tal For­mat PC, PS4 Re­lease 2018


De­volver has a predilec­tion for games with a quirky sting in the tail, and rogue­like RPG The Swords Of

Ditto fits the bill. Should your hero die on their quest to de­feat sor­cer­ess Mormo, they’ll be­come le­gend; time whirrs for­ward 100 years, the over­world morphs into a dif­fer­ent form and your next ran­domly gen­er­ated char­ac­ter takes up the man­tle as the new Sword Of Ditto. Me­men­tos of the pre­vi­ous in­cum­bent are ev­ery­where: you can pick up their loot, find their mon­u­ments and hear NPCs praise or trash-talk them. It’s a cre­ative, charm­ing take on Rogue­like per­madeath, bol­stered by imag­i­na­tive com­bat and Zelda- like dun­geons – we use out­size conkers and vinyl-record fris­bees to ham­mer en­e­mies as well as solve puz­zles. Play­ing with a friend feels great, too: you can res­ur­rect them with a hug that sac­ri­fices half your health bar. Wrapped up in a candy-coloured car­toon art style,

Swords is al­to­gether won­der­fully dis­arm­ing.

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