Hold the phone


Our demo is on Switch, rather than a smart­phone – but Re­fenes as­sures us that the two-but­ton con­trol scheme makes play­ing on a touch­screen pre­cise enough to keep plat­form­ing ob­ses­sives happy. “They don’t want a touch­screen D-pad and but­tons. They just want a good Meat

Boy game on their phone.” One thing is cer­tain, how­ever: Re­fenes isn’t tak­ing his cues from Su­per

Mario Run. “I played the first world, and it didn’t grab me. I was ac­tu­ally wor­ried when that came out, be­cause I thought they’d beaten me to it. Then I played it and thought, ‘I guess I still have an­other crack at this’. It looks like

Mario, but it doesn’t feel like Mario. I don’t know why. I know bet­ter than any­body how Meat Boy feels, be­cause I cre­ated it. And I set out to make a Meat Boy game – not a mo­bile Meat Boy game, just a

Meat Boy game.”

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