No Man’s Sky PS4 With our base now in­ex­pli­ca­bly lan­guish­ing un­der­wa­ter fol­low­ing the sig­nif­i­cant At­las Rises up­date, we start over. A re­freshed tu­to­rial teaches us to build sig­nal boost­ers and to call our ship. It feels like cheat­ing: no more pun­ish­ment for stray­ing too far from our life­line in an un­der­pow­ered space suit. An­cient por­tals can now be used to meet up with oth­ers – but given the ini­tial ‘lone ex­plorer’ vi­sion, it feels a lit­tle disin­gen­u­ous.

Over­watch PS4 God for­bid the DPS mains are de­nied their quadru­ple kill but­ton-press by a sneaky res­ur­rect­ing medic with a but­ton-press of her own. Mercy’s ‘huge rez’ is no more, in its place a new Ul­ti­mate, with the of­fend­ing power de­moted to a sin­gle-tar­get use and placed on a long cooldown as a reg­u­lar abil­ity. Joke’s on them, though: the healer is bags more fun now, be­cause we can fly, and no­body ever thinks to look up.

Arms Switch We’ve fallen hard for new fighter Lola Pop, a puck­ish clown with candy arms who can de­ploy a shield to re­flect an op­po­nent’s at­tacks back at them, or stamp an im­age of host Biff across their dis­play. But a far bet­ter rea­son to re­turn to Nin­tendo’s dis­tinc­tive brawler is the abil­ity to re­con­fig­ure its un­con­ven­tional in­put choices. No longer hav­ing to twist our age­ing wrists to block is mo­ti­va­tion enough to give those mo­tion con­trols an­other shot.

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