Ab­solver’s ver­sion of a clan or a guild is a School, a player-made group teach­ing a cus­tomised com­bat deck. Join­ing one gives new play­ers easy ac­cess to a tried-and-tested moveset: the En­coun­ters menu lists peo­ple you’ve met, the School they’re part of and its pop­u­lar­ity, and lets you en­rol. Flit­ting between sev­eral is the op­ti­mal way to try all of the class com­bat styles. Moves stay un­locked for as long as you re­main in that par­tic­u­lar School: to keep cer­tain at­tacks, you’ll have to use them in com­bat and learn them the reg­u­lar way. Reach Rank 50 in Com­bat Tri­als, and you can start your own School to share your com­bat deck glob­ally in the hopes of vi­ral suc­cess – although at the time of writ­ing, top spot be­longs to Rakkio, the NPC who teaches Stag­ger style.

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