Hopes were not ex­actly high for Mar­vel Vs Cap­com: In­fi­nite’s on­line per­for­mance. De­spite two re­vi­sions, MVC3’ s net­code re­mained a sham­bles through­out its life­time; the se­ries may have more le­nient in­put tim­ings than Cap­com’s Street Fighter games, but the game was as good as un­playable on­line. And the pub­lisher’s at­tempt to power SFV with its in-house Cap­com Fight­ers Net­work net­code hasn’t gone so well ei­ther. Thank­fully, in our tests, In­fi­nite has per­formed won­der­fully well, and it seems we can thank the pub­lisher’s re­turn to Xbox for it: with no point in us­ing CFN’s cross-plat­form func­tion­al­ity, Cap­com is again us­ing plat­formholder match­mak­ing APIs. It’s all the bet­ter for it.

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