Cherry bomb

Min­i­mal art and max per­son­al­ity makes Chuchel ex­plo­sively funny


Poor Chuchel. The epony­mous hero of Amanita De­sign’s lat­est point-and-click ad­ven­ture can’t catch a break: the fu­ri­ous lit­tle dust ball suf­fers in­jury af­ter in­dig­nity in pur­suit of his beloved cherry. “It’s fun to watch him do – and fail – pretty much any­thing,” says Jaromir Plachy, de­signer, animator and artist on Chuchel. Whether he’s at­tempt­ing to com­mu­ni­cate via ab­stract jab­ber­ings, play­ing the re­luc­tant ship in a Space In­vaders minigame, or be­ing mer­ci­lessly teased by a gi­ant blanc­mange, Plachy’s cre­ation is fre­quently hi­lar­i­ous.

Un­like pre­vi­ous Amanita ti­tles such as Samorost and Machi­nar­ium, Chuchel’s look and feel is en­tirely in ser­vice of its comedic per­son­al­ity. “We de­cided on a very min­i­mal­is­tic art style,” Plachy says. “It keeps you fo­cused on the things we find im­por­tant – beau­ti­ful back­grounds would be a dis­trac­tion. When you’re play­ing with your dog, you don’t care whether you’re at home, in a park or in a tin-can fac­tory: you just fo­cus on the ac­tual play.”

Off­beat per­cus­sive flour­ishes and ex­pres­sive an­i­ma­tions are key, Plachy says. “I wanted to de­sign some­thing the player could have a re­la­tion­ship with: a vir­tual buddy, a pet, or an an­noy­ing squir­rel who just won’t leave you alone.” We’re look­ing for­ward to Chuchel’s cherry-fu­elled ram­page across PC, Mac, iOS and An­droid this year. Plachy, too, is keen to see if his joke lands: “I be­lieve the best way to make peo­ple laugh is to ‘tickle’ them with an­i­ma­tions, and chal­lenges.”

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