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He’s been in the busi­ness for more than 40 years, yet this fa­cial­ist is still as pas­sion­ate about skin as when he first started treat­ing Bar­bra Streisand, Char­l­ize Theron and Halle Berry at his LA spa

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Enough TO MAK­ING SKIN GLOW. mois­turiser will bring out your glow like noth­ing else. When your skin has proper hy­dra­tion, you op­ti­mise elas­tic­ity and fa­cial lines don’t set­tle in. Diet is also im­por­tant for skin health – you need enough seafood, nuts and seeds.


It’s not just BEST. en­dor­phins – it’s also about blood flow. The body wants to be in mo­tion. My reg­i­men in­volves a lot of gym­nas­tics. I have par­al­lel bars in my back­yard. I’m ad­vanced in years [Hen­rik­sen is 66], but I’m still strong.


No-one WITH YOUR AT­TI­TUDE. wants to be 18 for­ever. Age­ing is nat­u­ral, and you can be grace­ful about it. A lived-in face is at­trac­tive – you really can main­tain strong, healthy skin what­ever your age. Skin, just like your or­gans, is re­new­ing it­self. Over a life­time, you’re re­build­ing and re­build­ing – it’s mag­i­cal. And it’s never too late to treat your skin better.


In my youth, WITH­OUT SUGAR. I was a sugar ad­dict. Now I don’t touch it. I like to eat raw foods – I en­joy the crunch. I take Udo’s Choice oil. It has omega, which is es­sen­tial for brain­power. And I take vi­ta­mins C and E, but I try to get ev­ery­thing from my diet. Cys­tic acne is a mas­sive prob­lem in many coun­tries and I think it has a lot to do with how we eat.

I do SCENT MEANS EV­ERY­THING. aro­matic fa­cial com­presses most days. I fill a sink with wa­ter, put in a few drops of es­sen­tial oil and drop a terry cloth in. I com­press it onto my skin five times. Then I put a mask on, lie down and med­i­tate for 15 minutes. It’s a ri­tual. I use dif­fer­ent oils for dif­fer­ent things, but laven­der, rose­mary and or­ange are favourites. There are a lot of cit­rus scents in my prod­ucts – I find them so up­lift­ing and en­er­gis­ing. MY FAVOURITE FA­CIAL MIST IS ONE YOU CAN MAKE YOUR­SELF. Chamomile is so mul­ti­pur­pose. You can turn the dry stuff into a lovely, sooth­ing mist, a tea, a fa­cial com­press – it’s what they use in the spa af­ter they have per­formed ex­trac­tions be­cause it takes the red­ness and heat out. IF YOU HAVE ACNE, YOU NEED TO STREAM­LINE YOUR ROU­TINE. You’re prob­a­bly jump­ing all over the place, look­ing for an an­swer. An oil is key for sooth­ing, no mat­ter your skin type. And you can’t use a phys­i­cal ex­fo­lia­tor. Use some­thing with AHAS, oth­er­wise you’re ex­ac­er­bat­ing the prob­lem. Do com­presses with eu­ca­lyp­tus oil ev­ery sec­ond or third day, and look into your life­style to see if any­thing could be con­tribut­ing. Less is more, and con­sis­tency is es­sen­tial. You need to give a reg­i­men time to work for your skin.

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