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If you’ve all but given up on sum­mon­ing the men­tal fo­cus re­quired for med­i­ta­tion, then re­ver­ber­a­tion could be the kind of mindfulness for you. Man­i­fest­ing in what’s known as a “sound bath” or “sound heal­ing”, it’s a term used to de­scribe the low-fre­quency hum pro­duced when a se­ries of spe­cially tuned bowls, made out of ei­ther metal or crys­tal, are played in har­mony by a trained prac­ti­tioner – pro­duc­ing a vi­bra­tion that’s be­lieved to have ben­e­fi­cial ef­fects on the mind and body.

Be­cause it’s some­thing that’s done to you – usu­ally while you lie on a mat – rather than by you, it’s ba­si­cally med­i­ta­tion for the lazy (and es­pe­cially ap­peal­ing for those who have found them­selves in the depths of the in­ter­net at 2am search­ing for sounds to soothe them to sleep). While there’s rarely any con­tact with your body – un­less com­bined with reiki or an­other al­ter­na­tive-medicine prac­tice – it’s just as re­lax­ing as any mas­sage, and the med­i­ta­tive ef­fect is be­lieved to be ben­e­fi­cial for blood pres­sure and im­mu­nity.

It’s the same prin­ci­ple adopted at Hum­ming Puppy, a chic yoga stu­dio in Syd­ney’s inner west and Mel­bourne’s Prahran that uses an ad­vanced acous­tic sys­tem to give off cer­tain fre­quen­cies (7.83hz and 40hz) while its yo­gis prac­tise, with those fre­quen­cies be­lieved to be sim­i­lar to the ones the brain ex­pe­ri­ences dur­ing states of deep med­i­ta­tion. The re­sult is a bonafide buzz that can be felt from the mo­ment you walk in, and while the sci­ence be­hind it is still con­tentious, the feel-good fac­tor is doubt­less.

Ready to dive into sound heal­ing? A one-on-one ses­sion will bring max­i­mum ben­e­fits. Or if you pre­fer strength in num­bers, Mel­bourne-based Pos­i­tive Mu­sic of­fers it as an ex­er­cise in team build­ing (for a col­lec­tive high with­out the need for a downward dog in front of Paul from HR).

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