Deep sub-soil tillage and top-soil cul­ti­va­tion in one pass – “The Fix Re­ha­bil­i­ta­tor Plough”

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It lifts and cracks, aer­ates and pen­e­trates like no other im­ple­ment. Use the Re­ha­bil­i­ta­tor Plough in­stead of Rip­pers, chisel ploughs, Discs, Ro­tary hoes or power Har­rows.

The Fix Re­ha­bil­i­ta­tor plough is de­signed to loosen and lift the soil by al­low­ing the soil to crack along nat­u­ral lines. The Tusk rollers till the top-soil pro­duc­ing a seed-bed and leav­ing the soil loose and

Deep Tillage and top­soil cul­ti­va­tion plough mounted with WIX seed box. aer­ated and able to cap­ture and hold mois­ture. Fea­tures:

Rel­a­tively Low Horse­power re­quire­ment

Ma­chines are avail­able from 1.5m to 6 me­tres Link­age and trailed Ex­tra sturdy frame The par­a­bolic Tines can pen­e­trate up to 500 mm, and are fit­ted with re­versible chisel points. The two rear tusk rollers have a lev­el­ling mech­a­nism and height ad­just­ment.

Soil is lifted, the sur­face is cul­ti­vated, and crop residue is par­tially in­cor­po­rated to speed-up de­com­po­si­tion. Of­ten ce­real crops, legumes and maize can be re-seeded af­ter a one pass cul­ti­va­tion.

Most ben­e­fi­cial or­gan­isms in the soil are aer­o­bic; most detri­men­tal or­gan­isms in the soil are anaer­o­bic. Good aer­a­tion will in­hibit the dam­ag­ing or­gan­isms and en­cour­age the ben­e­fi­cial ones. This will be a health­ier soil which will min­er­alise and re­cy­cle nu­tri­ents more ef­fec­tively and pro­vide a more sus­tain­able sys­tem.

Healthy soil is the best and cheap­est way to pro­duce healthy plants. This won’t hap­pen with toxic in­puts. Soils need ad­e­quate air.

So to im­prove your soil and save on costly and of­ten dam­ag­ing in­puts, the FIX Re­ha­bil­i­ta­tor Plough could well be the an­swer!

Visit the team on site C26. Fix En­gi­neer­ing. Phone Mike on 0418 573 508 or 03 5348 2669 and Gra­ham Wood on 0418 591 678 or 03 5678 8880

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