Cal­ciprill gran­u­lated lime

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Since Cal­ciprill’s launch three years ago, more and more farm­ers have found out how eco­nom­i­cal, ef­fec­tive and easy to use Cal­ciprill® gran­u­lated lime is.

Cal­ciprill® is a 2-6mm gran­ule man­u­fac­tured from high qual­ity lime­stone in Bathurst NSW. 95% of Cal­ciprill’s par­ti­cles mea­sure less than 75 mi­crons, finer than any aglime avail­able.

In Aus­tralia, aglime has gen­er­ally been ap­plied at up to 2.5 tonnes/hectare ev­ery 5 to 7 years. This is be­cause agri­cul­tural lime is a fine pow­der and is dif­fi­cult to spread at low rates.

The long length of time be­tween ap­pli­ca­tions means the soil slowly acid­i­fies as pro­duce is re­moved and ni­troge­nous fer­tilis­ers are ap­plied.

Hand in hand with acid­i­fi­ca­tion is a slow de­cline in the soil’s pro­duc­tiv­ity - un­til a high rate of aglime is reap­plied again.

Large swings in cal­cium and pH lev­els also mean soil nu­tri­ents are more dif­fi­cult to bal­ance.

The ad­vent of Cal­ciprill means bal­anced soils can now be reg­u­larly main­tained with a much lower rate of lime, pre­serv­ing a far friend­lier en­vi­ron­ment for plants to thrive in.

Be­ing a gran­ule, grow­ers can ap­ply the prod­uct them­selves us­ing any spreader de­signed for gran­u­lar fer­tiliser and at any time suit­able.

Spe­cial­ist ma­chin­ery is not re­quired and there is far less dust gen­er­ated in the process. The abil­ity to band Cal­ciprill on row and tree crops also con­trib­utes to large cost sav­ings.

To aid in crop es­tab­lish­ment Cal­ciprill is be­ing proven suc­cess­ful when di­rect drilled with ce­real and pas­ture seed.

Cal­ciprill now al­lows farm­ers Aus­tralia-wide to con­trol how and when their coun­try is limed and with great re­sults.

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