New seed­ers for pas­ture and fod­der crops - 4 in 1 Seeder and WIX Seed Boxes

Farm World News - - Farm World 2016 -

More pro­duc­tion - uni­form cov­er­age, no gaps, less weeds. Level, har­row, sow and roll in one fast pass to pas­ture ren­o­vate or to­tal re­sow. The nat­u­ral way for pas­ture seed to ger­mi­nate is near the sur­face, in firm con­tact with the soil. Bury the seed, it dies. Sow­ing in lines or rows doesn’t make any sense ei­ther, as the empty spa­ces be­tween the rows will al­low weeds to grow with ob­vi­ous loss of pro­duc­tion.

The 4 in 1 Seeder for fast pas­ture es­tab­lish­ment and ear­lier pro­duc­tion. This ma­chine is de­signed for sow­ing pas­tures into ei­ther worked ground or more im­por­tantly into ex­ist­ing pas­tures, ei­ther to re­ju­ve­nate or to­tally re-sow with­out the need to cul­ti­vate.

The ver­sa­tile Fix 4 in 1 Seeder ef­fec­tively sows from rough rocky hill coun­try to river flats and is ex­cel­lent for both pas­ture man­age­ment and ren­o­va­tion as it is for sow­ing sum­mer fod­der crops such as lucerne, bras­si­cas, mil­let etc. into cul­ti­vated soil. Avail­able in a full 2m and 3m work­ing width, and for the re­ally large oper­a­tors, 2x2m cou­pled for 4m cov­er­age.

The WIX and EXAKTOR Seed Boxes are ground-driven through cas­settes with sev­eral ra­tios and the seed drops on to a metal de­flec­tor plate which fans out the seed to give an even distri­bu­tion over the en­tire pad­dock. The Exaktor and new WIX seed-boxes han­dle seeds from clovers to peas, pas­ture grasses to ce­re­als. Both of these boxes are also avail­able as sep­a­rate items to mount on top of power har­rows, chisel plows, aer­a­tors and cul­ti­va­tors.

On dis­play at Farm World, site C26 will be the WIX Seed Boxes and the new 4 in 1 pur­pose built Pas­ture Seeder along with EXAKTOR Seed Boxes, with huge dis­count on the HATZENBICHLER AIR 8 Pneu­matic Seeder cov­er­ing up to 6 me­tres.

Also for your in­spec­tion at site C26 will be the Whoppa Choppa Hay and Silage Feeder, Soil Aer­a­tors, Fix Re­ha­bil­i­ta­tor Plough, Vegetable Weed-Fix and Till-Fix. “Air 8 air seeder KIT, 400L hop­per, 8 pre­ci­sion out­lets, 6m with hy­draulic blower, suit ce­re­als at BAR­GAIN PRICE”

“4 in 1 Pas­ture Seeder, 3m Level, har­row, seed and roll. NEW RE­LEASE! Great fea­tures”

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