A sys­tem of ex­cel­lence to ben­e­fi­cially re­move sew­er­age and or­ganic waste from the en­vi­ron­ment

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Down on the sunny Morn­ing­ton Penin­sula in Vic­to­ria, is a com­pany with a se­cret. A&A Worm Farm Waste Sys­tems has the key to the World’s Best Worm Driven Sewage and Or­ganic Waste Con­ver­sion Sys­tem.

As we be­come con­scious of the dam­age we have done to our planet, it’s clear that we must adopt prac­tices in our daily liv­ing which lessen the im­pact of our life­style on the en­vi­ron­ment. This can be with­out any in­con­ve­nience and at very lit­tle cost to which you at­tain some big bonuses.

All this can be achieved through worms, would you be­lieve? Worms through the good peo­ple at A&A Worm Farm Waste Sys­tem.

Here’s how it works, the sys­tem is sim­plic­ity it­self. All that hap­pens is that the con­tents of the toi­let, the wa­ter from the shower, bath, dish­washer, clothes washer are piped di­rectly to a colony of ac­tive com­post worms.

The A&A sys­tem then con­stantly in­tro­duces fresh air into the worm driven pro­cess­ing tank. This de­sign fea­ture keeps the sys­tem aer­o­bic (to­tally dif­fer­ent to a septic tank, which is anaer­o­bic), there­fore the sys­tem has no smell.

The worms then turn the solid mat­ter in the sewage with the flush wa­ter, shower, wash­ing ma­chine etc, to ver­mi­cast. Ver­mi­cast is a so­lu­tion of sus­pended solid which is bro­ken down into ex­tremely minute par­ti­cles. It is black and rich in car­bon. This is then dis­charged into the sub­sur­face soil where it will; - Nat­u­rally fer­tilise the soil - Nat­u­rally wa­ter and fer­tilise your gar­den - Over-time trans­forms the top layer of soil into an in­cred­i­ble rich, dark coloured grow­ing medium

The worms, who have a vo­ra­cious ap­petite eat­ing at least half their weight daily, can con­sume and kill harm­ful bac­te­ria such as e-coli, sal­mo­nella and en­teric virus in the sewage, mak­ing it safe to use.

If you have an A&A Worm Farm Waste sys­tem, all your or­ganic wastes, weeds from the gar­den, scraps from the kitchen etc - the or­ganic waste which your Coun­cil col­lects - go straight into the pro­cess­ing cham­ber never to be seen again and cost you and the Coun­cil noth­ing. As of De­cem­ber 2015, there are more than 2000 fam­i­lies in Aus­tralia with a trou­ble-free worm driven sewage sys­tem from A&A Worm Farm, all do­ing their bit to re­pair our en­vi­ron­ment and make it safe for our chil­dren.

The A&A Worm Farm Waste Sys­tem is the World’s Best Prac­tice, Fit, Flush and For­get sewage sys­tem. Op­er­a­tional cost, fit­ted up to a four bed­room fam­ily home is around $20 per year, un­less you in­clude a small so­lar panel, in which case, it costs noth­ing and is all ben­e­fit.

In­stal­la­tion is about the same as any other sys­tem. To find out more, phone A&A Worm Farm Waste Sys­tems on (03) 5979 1877, or visit them at Farm World. They’ll look af­ter you!

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