Kub­ota M7-1 Se­ries a ‘Game Changer’

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Kub­ota’s M7-1 Se­ries midrange trac­tor line, is the highest horse­power to-date and en­abled the com­pany to break into the com­mer­cial live­stock, mixed farm­ing and row-crop pro­duc­tion mar­kets. The M7-1 Se­ries is the largest horse­power of­fer­ing from Kub­ota to-date and in­cludes three new midrange trac­tor mod­els: the M7131, M7151 and M7171, in the 130 to 170 en­gine horse­power range.

The new line of work­horse trac­tor mod­els fea­tures pow­er­ful per­for­mance, easy op­er­a­tion, tech­no­log­i­cal ad­vances, so­phis­ti­cated styling, and best-in-class base weight, mak­ing it a top choice for row-crop, com­mer­cial live­stock and hay mar­ket cus­tomers.

“Kub­ota is al­ways look­ing for­ward, in­creas­ing our com­pet­i­tive know-how, and ex­pand­ing our prod­uct of­fer­ings to meet the de­mands of our cur­rent and prospec­tive cus­tomer base,” said Mal­colm Owens, General Man­ager Mar­ket­ing and Sales. “With the M7-1 Se­ries, we are bring­ing more than 40 years of en­gi­neer­ing prow­ess to the field with a built from the ground up ma­chine, de­signed with in­tu­itive tech­nol­ogy that makes pre­ci­sion farm­ing pos­si­ble for Kub­ota cus­tomers.”

Ex­cep­tion­ally Clean, Un­com­pro­mis­ingly Pow­er­ful

Kub­ota Diesel En­gines

Kub­ota’s M7-1 Se­ries boasts a pow­er­ful V6108 Kub­ota turbo charged diesel en­gine, the very lat­est in clean air en­gine tech­nol­ogy, with an in­no­va­tive Se­lec­tive Cat­alytic Re­duc­tion ( SCR) that trans­forms harm­ful ex­haust gases into wa­ter vapour and ni­tro­gen. The Com­mon Rail Sys­tem (CRS) on the M7-1 Se­ries elec­tron­i­cally con­trols the tim­ing and amount of high-pres­sure in­jected fuel in stages for op­ti­mal com­bus­tion, which re­sults in greater ef­fi­ciency, bet­ter fuel econ­omy and less en­gine noise. Ad­di­tion­ally, with Kub­ota’s Diesel Par­tic­u­late Fil­ter (DPF) muf­fler and an Ex­haust Gas Re­cir­cu­la­tion (EGR) sys­tem, the M7-1 Se­ries ex­ceeds Tier 4 fi­nal emis­sions reg­u­la­tions.

“Our en­gi­neers con­stantly strive to lower emis­sions and im­prove fuel ef­fi­ciency,” said Owens. “For the M7-1 Se­ries, we cre­ated an ex­cep­tion­ally clean-run­ning, yet un­com­pro­mis­ingly pow­er­ful midrange agri­cul­tural trac­tor.”

Avail­able on the M7131, M7151 and M7171 Premium mod­els, is the all new Closed Cen­ter Load Sens­ing hy­draulic sys­tem and 110” bar axles, a first for Kub­ota. The line will fea­ture a 24 x 24 speed semi-pow­er­shift trans­mis­sion or the Kub­ota Vari­able Trans­mis­sion (KVT) that vir­tu­ally pro­vides an in­fi­nite num­ber of for­ward and re­verse speeds, al­low­ing oper­a­tors to work at the opti- mal speed for a wide va­ri­ety of jobs. Highly re­spon­sive and re­li­able, the KVT trans­mis­sion fea­tures dy­namic brak­ing, or en­gine-as­sisted de­cel­er­a­tion, to help main­tain con­trol and a con­stant trav­el­ing speed while on de­scend­ing slopes.

Ad­di­tion­ally, the M7-1 Se­ries fea­tures op­tional front sus­pen­sion to help en­sure sta­ble and pre­cise op­er­a­tion, giv­ing the trac­tor the abil­ity to keep power to the ground and main­tain proper trac­tion dur­ing chang­ing soil and ter­rain con­di­tions. Front sus­pen­sion helps re­alise fuel sav­ings, in­creases pro­duc­tiv­ity and ef­fi­ciency, and min­i­mizes wear and tear on the trac­tor.

Ex­pertly En­gi­neered for


Kub­ota en­gi­neered the new M7-1 Se­ries to be highly ver­sa­tile, al­low­ing the op­er­a­tor to eas­ily switch be­tween jobs and func­tions. The Kub­ota M7-1 Se­ries of­fers the LM2605 me­chan­i­cal self-lev­el­ing front end loader. The LM2605 pro­vides best-in­class lift­ing per­for­mance and fea­tures a Kub­ota-first Z-Bar self-lev­el­ing link­age to en­sure a clear view over the top of the loader boom. An op­er­a­tor can quickly and si­mul­ta­ne­ously at­tach and de­tach all six hy­draulic hoses us­ing Kub­ota’s quick cou­pler, mak­ing in­stalling or unin­stalling the front end loader a snap. A stan­dard third func­tion valve al­lows oper­a­tors to work with a grap­ple bucket and other hy­drauli­cally con­trolled at­tach­ments, and the valve is con­trolled by a sin­gle switch con­ve­niently lo­cated on the joy­stick grip.

Kub­ota’s 4-speed live-in­de­pen­dent PTO, rang­ing from 102 to 142 horse­power, gives oper­a­tors the abil­ity to uti­lize a wide range of rear mounted im­ple­ments, mak­ing the M7-1 Se­ries adapt­able enough to han­dle any farm job. The in­de­pen­dent PTO can be en­gaged and dis­en­gaged with­out stop­ping the trac­tor, us­ing a sin­gle con­trol switch with au­to­matic mod­u­la­tion for smooth en­gage­ment. The M7 also of­fers op­tional front PTO, al­low­ing two PTO im­ple­ments to be run­ning at the same time for even greater ver­sa­til­ity and pro­duc­tiv­ity.

Rais­ing the Stan­dard for

Pre­ci­sion and Con­trol

Pre­ci­sion farm­ing is now pos­si­ble for Kub­ota cus­tomers with the M7-1 Premium mod­els, from its all-in-one ISOBUS man­age­ment sys­tem with auto guid­ance to its easy-to-use, touch­screen per­for­mance mon­i­tor. The premium trac­tor se­ries is de­signed to stream­line and en­hance op­er­a­tions with the all new arm rest con­trol cen­tre. Pro­vid­ing the con­ve­nience of fully-au­to­mated op­er­a­tions, the M7-1 Se­ries’ head­land man­age­ment sys­tem works with im­ple­ments to pro­vide cus­tomiz­able pro­grams, and make op­er­a­tion a breeze with fin­ger­tip con­trol.

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Kub­ota’s M7-1 is the highest horse­power of­fer­ing in Kub­ota’s trac­tor line-up to date.

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