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Not so long ago, a fel­low got into a spot of bother speed­ing. Or, rather, put him­self in a gi­ant caul­dron of scorch­ing hot wa­ter through his own choice. The gen­tle­man in ques­tion was re­cently jailed for two speed­ing of­fences (among some other, er, things…), one of which was 47mph in a 30mph zone, the other was van­ish­ing into the dis­tance from a po­lice ve­hi­cle that it­self was trav­el­ling at over 140mph!

The re­cently jailed chap had also been us­ing false num­ber plates on his ma­chine but, pos­si­bly worse, he was seen goad­ing the cops by wav­ing at them be­fore leav­ing them for dust. The po­lice, who filmed both speed­ing in­ci­dents, even­tu­ally backed off be­cause the speeds they were do­ing to try and catch him were too high, and his was es­ti­mated dur­ing one chase to be in ex­cess of 180mph. Blimey…

Now, a few decades ago this would have been the kind of thing we’d have (prob­a­bly, maybe) smiled at, be­ing we were all young, daft and spent most of our time rag­ing against the ma­chine, man. In 2017 how­ever, it’s not some­thing we can con­done. But at the same time we won’t con­demn, ei­ther, be­cause it’s a free (as it can be) world and peo­ple are like­wise free to make their own choices within it, even stupid ones. The prob­lem we now have with it, and coin­ci­den­tally the rea­son the Fuzz backed off, is the po­ten­tial dan­ger to oth­ers.

There’s a mo­ment in the video where the cop car twitches at over 140mph on the mo­tor­way. All was well, but an out of con­trol car is tonnes of ki­netic trou­ble once it’s lost. Like­wise a bike trav­el­ling at silly speed may as well be a way­ward Ex­o­cet mis­sile if the rider loses it. Be a rebel hero, it’s on your head – but don’t make in­no­cents pay the price. There once was a time when bait­ing the po­lice was al­most a na­tional sport in some ar­eas. An anony­mous FB staff mem­ber re­mem­bers: “Once the lights and sirens went on, that was it, game on! Silly look­ing back, re­ally, but then there was noth­ing quite like be­ing chased by the cops and get­ting away with it, ei­ther.

“That be­ing said, it only ever re­ally hap­pened at night when the roads were oth­er­wise empty. We were still very, very stupid though!” Yet these were the days be­fore speed cam­eras, in­tel­li­gent recog­ni­tion sys­tems on cop cars, dash cams or even he­li­copters – there’s lit­tle get­ting away with it.

Are we now sud­denly saints? Nope, of course not, this is Fast

Bikes! But we’re smarter and as we’ve got­ten older (a lit­tle) more re­spon­si­ble. Of course we still cock about a bit at times, but at the right time and in the right place, and cer­tainly when there’s no­body around that our ac­tions could im­pact upon. Now is no time to be goad­ing po­lice, ei­ther, like the chap you can see in the video here –­pur­suit – as it’ll only end in (hope­fully just your) tears. Be smart and re­spon­si­ble, peo­ple, this kind of stuff makes us look bad! And for the in­car­cer­ated fel­low in ques­tion, there’s a time and a place. This wasn’t it, and now you’re pay­ing the price…

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