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If you’re fa­mil­iar with the R1M, you’ll know how in­tu­itive the bike’s dash and menu options are to con­trol. If you’re not, then trust me when I say nav­i­gat­ing the SP’s tech on its fancy TFT dis­play is a dod­dle. On the right han­dle­bar is a scroll but­ton that al­lows you to change every­thing from the style of the dash to the info dis­played.

It’s also where you can al­ter the setup of the new Oh­lins Elec­tronic Rac­ing Sus­pen­sion (ERS), across its five modes. Two of the set­ups au­to­mat­i­cally ad­just the sus­pen­sion ev­ery hun­dredth of a sec­ond, ac­cord­ing to feed­back passed to its Sus­pen­sion Con­trol Unit (SCU) from sev­eral sen­sors, with A1 be­ing the sporti­est and A2 be­ing slightly less firm. The other three man­ual modes are com­pletely cus­tomis­able and al­low you to add or re­duce com­pres­sion and re­bound damp­ing as needed.

Other tech you need to get your nog­gin around in­cludes three lev­els of trac­tion con­trol (level 1 be­ing least in­tru­sive), and three dif­fer­ent throt­tle maps (power 1 is the most ag­gres­sive). Just like the sus­pen­sion, via the menu but­ton, it’s pos­si­ble to cus­tomise and mem­o­rise the power mode, trac­tion level and sus­pen­sion char­ac­ter­is­tics you’re after.

From there, it’s just a case of tog­gling through your pre-set options us­ing the mode selec­tor on the left side switch gear to al­ter the setup on the fly – pro­vid­ing you’re off the throt­tle. Un­for­tu­nately ABS is manda­tory, with no pro­vi­sion to switch it off, but Fa­gan dis­cov­ered that wheel­ieing the SP for over a mile tricked the sen­sors into dis­en­gag­ing the aid. Al­ter­na­tively, you could just re­move the sys­tem’s fuse.

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