Eat­ing and drink­ing the right stuff can have a mas­sively pos­i­tive im­pact on your track ex­pe­ri­ence, so here’s a guide to es­sen­tial do’s and don’ts of what to ram down your gul­let…

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Make sure you eat a de­cent break­fast – a protein packed brekky is the best way to stave off hunger later in the day. Eggs, yo­ghurt, oats, all pack plenty of healthy sat­is­fy­ing protein. Go easy on greasy ba­con though, the high salt con­tent could leave you gasp­ing with thirst.

Take some­thing healthy and sat­is­fy­ing with you – many tracks do sport pretty de­cent cater­ing fa­cil­i­ties these days, but you can save cash and make health­ier food choices if you go pre­pared. It might even be some­thing as sim­ple as packing your­self whole­meal peanut but­ter sarnies for lunch.

Eat lit­tle and of­ten. Bear in mind track rid­ing is a phys­i­cal ac­tiv­ity. You wouldn’t pig-out right be­fore go­ing for a jog or a swim would you? So keep hunger at bay and en­ergy lev­els up by snack­ing on nuts, fruit and the oc­ca­sional protein bar.

Take plenty to drink. Avoid caf­feinated drinks, though, as overindulging on the stim­u­lant is go­ing to make you jit­tery and re­duce your body’s nat­u­ral thirst for cor­rect hy­dra­tion. Stick to wa­ter or my per­sonal fave, co­conut wa­ter.


Get steam­ing the night be­fore. If you’ve trav­elled to the cir­cuit the night be­fore and are stay­ing at a ho­tel nearby, don’t have a late one at the bar.

Dis­play your lamb phaal eat­ing prow­ess to the lads the night be­fore ei­ther. Your leathers will thank you for it, as will any­one shar­ing your per­sonal space...

Overindulge. Avoid a huge cooked break­fast, or gi­ant stodgy lunch. It could sit heavy on your stom­ach and make you feel slug­gish. It’s best to stop eat­ing be­fore you’re full, then snack through­out the day.

Even world champs like Danny Kent (right), took nu­tri­tion se­ri­ously from a young age Don’t make brekky too big, got it?! Fruit, any­one?

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