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Hi FB, I liked the Track­day Guide with this month’s FB, but a word of ‘cau­tion’ for the ‘heav­ier’ biker! I bought a Ducati SPS 14 years ago and booked a Ducati track­day through the dealer (us­ing Ducati’s bikes), but when I turned up I was told I couldn’t do the track day and I’d get a re­fund. But why? As I weighed 18 stone and Ducati’s rider weight limit was 16 stone at the time! Funny thing, the dealer never told me I couldn’t buy the SPS as I was too heavy – pissed off to say the least!

But a few years later I bought a new Fireblade, and stupidly I never thought about check­ing when I booked a Honda track­day with the Ron Haslam school at Don­ing­ton and, yes, I was too heavy for the school’s CBR600RRs at the time too. I worked as a me­chanic and re­cov­ery driver, but worked some Fri­day/Satur­day nights as a night-club door­man and had done a lot of am­a­teur box­ing and am al­ways in the gym, so I wasn’t a ‘fat-git’ more a ‘fit-git’! So a note to read­ers – take your own bike, don’t try us­ing a school’s bike un­less you’re a light­weight. Or, check first! Now I’m ‘too old and fat’ any­way, so it doesn’t ap­ply to me any more! I used to buy the mag loads un­til Moby left, then picked up the odd copy for a while but have now sub­scribed again, keep up the good work! Stephen Hay­wood ‘Shrek’

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