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Built just around the cor­ner from yours truly comes the Diabolus XLS from SP En­gi­neer­ing, in tasty car­bon-fi­bre form. Price is for slip-pon only,y, although the rel­e­vant link-linkpipe isi al­sol avail­able for a com­bined price from £244.95. The Diabolus is road le­gal and comes with a re­mov­able baffle (which you can see in ac­tion on BJ’s MT-10 ‘ter­mer on our YouTube page, in­ci­den­tally). It’s 98mm in di­am­e­ter, 385mm in length and weighs in at just about 1.5kg. It’s avail­able for many bikes, so check out their web­site for fit­ment list­ings.

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