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Want some new tyres and would like to save a bob or three on them? Well those fine pur­vey­ors of all thing round and rub­bery, Pirelli & Metzeler, are now run­ning a cash­back scheme to cur­rent and po­ten­tial cus­tomers.

We’re quite sure T&Cs will ap­ply here, which doubt­less you’ll be able to find on their re­spec­tive web­sites ( or, but the gist of it boils down to a £30 dis­count on se­lected hoops via a pre-paid credit card type thing.

Tyres in­cluded on the of­fer are as fol­lows – for Pirelli it’s the Di­ablo Rosso III, Rosso Corsa, An­gel GT and Su­per­corsa SP V2 plus the Scor­pion Trail II. On the Metzeler front, it in­cludes the Road­tec 01, Sportec M7 RR, Racetec RR K3 and the Tourance Next (what­ever that is!). There’s some­thing for ev­ery­one in that lit­tle mix, and all are bloody bril­liant tyres.

To ap­ply for this credit card thingymabob, head to the re­spec­tive web­sites, hit the mo­tor­cy­cle sec­tions and you’ll find where and what you need to do. You can also, if you like, do it through your lo­cal dealer. So then, money off, can’t be bad, can it? Best you get down to buy­ing some new boots then!

The Road­tec 01s are pretty sta­ble at 180mph lean!

Su­per­cor­sas and sun – per­fect!

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