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Build­ing on th he suc­cess of the XR69 racer, Suzuki blew the worl ld’s socks off when it re­leased the iconic GSX-R7 750 street bike in 1985. At a time when sportsb bikes had wide bars and lacked fair­ings, the S uzuki proved revo­lu­tion­ary with its 106bhp air r/oil-cooled mo­tor. It wasn’t too lardy ei­ther, weigh­ingw in at un­der 200kg and sport­ing a Dire ect Air In­take Sys­tem (a ba­sic form of ram air).a The Gixer was a head turner that pe er­formed as well on the roads as it didd on the tracks, where it quickly be­cam me a favourite in the en­durance rac cing world.

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