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A quick chin­wag with JHP Per­for­mance’s parts man­ager Tim Nor­man got us drool­ing over the top bolt-ons he rec­om­mended for Du­cati’s 959…

1 The num­ber one mod you can do to the 959 is to fit a trick ex­haust. We rec­om­mend fit­ting an Akrapovic for the best per­for­mance; both a slip-on and a full sys­tem are avail­able for the model. The stan­dard sys­tem weighs a ton and the cat­alytic con­verter re­ally stran­gles the mo­tor, so it’s best to get it gone. The slip-on does erad­i­cate the cat, but it doesn’t of­fer the same power en­hance­ment or weight sav­ing as the full sys­tem. One thing to note is that by chang­ing the ex­haust, you’ll also need to buy new lower fair­ing pan­els to suit the shape of the new sys­tem. 2 Du­cati’s 959 is an amaz­ing bike, but the wheels are re­ally heavy and the dif­fer­ence found by fit­ting OZ Piega wheels is huge. The un­sprung weight sav­ing is re­ally sub­stan­tial and it means the bike be­comes a lot more ag­ile, and will con­se­quently ac­cel­er­ate marginally quicker from the weight sav­ing. They also look re­ally smart and com­ple­ment the stun­ning im­age of the 959. 3 Öh­lins NIX 30mm car­tridge kits and a TTX rear shock are must haves if you want to draw the best from the Du­cati’s han­dling pack­age. The stock com­po­nents are rea­son­able on the road, but you’ll soon find their lim­its on track. We fit Öh­lins to the 959 ma­chines we pre­pare for the Du­cati TriOp­tions race se­ries and they’re proven to trans­form the bike in the bends, es­pe­cially thanks to their high level of ad­justa­bil­ity. 4 It’s a sim­ple thing, but fit­ting a de­cent steer­ing damper can re­ally help to tighten up the bike and im­prove han­dling prow­ess. We rec­om­mend an Öh­lins damper for the 959, which is proven to im­prove sta­bil­ity no end. It’s also ad­justable, so can be tweaked to suit rider pref­er­ences. 5 The er­gonomics of the 959 can be im­proved mas­sively by fit­ting Lightech rear sets and a tall ace screen. We sell a tank ex­ten­sion mod­ule that pairs with a spe­cial race seat to give a more sport­ing and aggressive rider stance, and an­other prod­uct we’d highly rec­om­mend fit­ting is a throt­tle tube in­sert spacer that’s de­signed to sharpen up the throt­tle re­sponse. Stomp grips are also well worth their weight, as they give the right bet­ter con­trol un­der heavy brak­ing.

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