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Tech­ni­cally, when you buy any­thing on eBay (or any on­line auc­tion) you have en­tered into a legally bind­ing con­tract be­tween you and the seller. If the bike is as it should be then there is no get­ting out of this con­tract and it can be en­forced by the seller in a court of law, so press­ing ‘buy it now’ is a se­ri­ous mat­ter. So how do you buy safely?

The key to eBay buy­ing is to ask spe­cific ques­tions and read be­tween the lines. All eBay sales are cov­ered un­der the Sale of Goods Act and that re­quires any item sold by de­scrip­tion to be ‘as de­scribed’. If the seller de­scribes a bike as ‘hav­ing age re­lated wear and tear’ then this is vague enough for them to get out of scuffs on the fair­ing, so you need to ask them di­rectly if the plas­tics are marked. If they say they aren’t but there are scratches, they are at fault and you can void the sale. The same goes for me­chan­i­cal is­sues, so ask di­rectly ‘are there any me­chan­i­cal faults?’ The more ques­tions you ask, the more you are cov­ered, and that means you can pull out of the sale with­out break­ing the law.

If the bike doesn’t match the de­scrip­tion, you’re not obliged to buy it.

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