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We all want a proper hel­met of course – who wants to die from a head in­jury be­cause they were watch­ing an episode of Cor­rie on their drop-down? Not I, for one. But what ex­actly con­sti­tutes a proper hel­met? It seems log­i­cal to as­sume that the best hel­mets on the mar­ket are the very best ones, but shelling out £700 for a top-spec hel­met just isn’t an op­tion for most of us.

Be­sides, you can get top pro­tec­tion for far less. Much of the price is de­ter­mined by fash­ion as well as safety. Want a Rossi AGV, a Vi­nales Arai or a Mar­quez Shoei? In 2017 colours? Well you’ll be pay­ing top dol­lar for that, sir. Happy to set­tle for an older paint scheme? Then that’ll save you a nice chunk of cash. Need to go cheaper still? Plain white or black ver­sions are nor­mally the cheap­est you can get in a pre­mium shell.

Go­ing to the NEC or other bike shows is a tra­di­tional way to pick up cheap, end-of-line lids, and is cer­tainly worth a try. We’d not rec­om­mend buy­ing a used lid on eBay though – un­less you know the his­tory of a hel­met, you’re tak­ing a big risk. Ac­ci­dent dam­age can be in­vis­i­ble, and a crashed lid of un­known prove­nance is re­ally only fit for the bin. So think on be­fore mak­ing your pur­chase. Of course, a plain lid can be made a cus­tom lid by the time you’ve stuck a few stick­ers on it ( Fast Bikes ones, of course), so use your nog­gin and bag a bar­gain.

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