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If you want to get an ex­tra fix of adren­a­line while you’re at it, you can al­ways jump on the back of Rocket Ron Haslam him­self for the stu­pid­est pil­lion ride imag­in­able, or sub­ject a friend/fam­ily mem­ber to six laps of self-in­duced arm-pump­ing heart at­tack hell. This is be­cause Rocket Ron has pil­lion han­dles on board his Fireblade, and he’s well up for tak­ing his cus­tomer out for the pil­lion lap of their life. I gave it a go and, my god, the man does not hold back. For any­one who’s never seen him ride, Ron is essen­tially Leon Haslam in a slightly older shell – even though he still looks about 30 (just in case he’s read­ing this). As soon as we got past the pit­lane exit, we we’re on the back wheel; and the mad­ness just ramped up from then on out. In was an un­be­liev­able ex­pe­ri­ence, but also an ed­u­ca­tional one, as I got chance to see and feel how silky Ron was with his brak­ing and ac­cel­er­at­ing. I’m pretty sure we even spent half the lap on the back wheel, or at least it felt that way. If you ever get the chance, bury your fears and just go for it, be­cause it’s be­yond awe­some. Just take a change of un­der­wear.

He’ll do any­thing for a grope.

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