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The Gixxer 7507 is an­other mega iconic bike thatt seems like it’s been aroundd for­ever. That’s prob­a­bly beecause it has (the first Gixxer was born five years be­fore me)! Apart from the rather loud ASBO-at­tract­ing ex­haust thiss felt like a re­ally so­phis­ti­ca­teed bike.

As nim­blee as any­thing else its age withh a bit more punch than a 600 bbut not the stupid armwrench­hing power that a thou of­fers.. It’s like the 600cc child has grown up to be a sen­si­ble, int­tel­li­gent ath­letic 750cc teenaager. Amatch for any steroid-abus­ing, bare-knuck­lle fight­ing, fire-breath­inng 1000cc adult.

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