2005 SUZUKI GSX-R1000 K5

Spider-Man or Spider-Mad? Ei­ther way, we love this men­tal Gixer by Steve Webb…


Project Spider-Man was many years in the mak­ing, and it all started with my love for street fight­ers dat­ing back to the mid-90s. My mates would be nick­ing their dad’s porn mags whereas Iwould be perv­ing over street­fight­ers in ac­er­tain mag­a­zine. I al­ways loved the idea of a forced in­duc­tion mo­tor­cy­cle; I just had to build one. Roll the years for­ward and my love and de­sire to own such a bike just in­creased mas­sively with age; it was just aque­s­tion of de­cid­ing what bike to start with. Know­ing I get bored with power fairly easy, I needed to pick a project that would give me so much oomph there­was no risk of re­gret, but also a bike that looked the part aes­thet­i­cally. I heard a lot of good things about Suzuki’s K5/6 GSX-R1000, so fig­ured I’ d dive right in and buy one. Fast for­ward some 12 months or so and it looked com­pletely dif­fer­ent; no fair­ings, dif­fer­ent head­light, bars… the list goe­son. And it was sprayed black.

I then gave it to Sean at Big CC Rac­ing to whack an­ice big turbo on board. Now putting out 460 bhp, I needed to sort out the run­ning gear as I wanted to ride the thing and not have it as an or­na­ment, so I got to work on the sus­pen­sion and brakes.The thing has the power, ac­tu­ally goes round cor­ners but can also stop when some granny thinks you’re on am oped do­ing 20 mph. All in all it’s a great weapon but didn’t look the part, so Icom mis­sioned Xtreme Paint Stu­dio to carry out­the air­brush work. Dave is adab hand with an air­brush and it re­ally shows, but whySpi­der- Man? Sim­ply be­cause it’ s ac­tu­ally my nick­name, so I thought sod it, let’s paint my pride and joy to roll with it! While Dave had all the pan­els I thought it would be cool to have a match­ing lid as well, so he did my Simp­son Ban­dit to suit. Over­all I love the thing, and when peo­ple ask if I’m bored of the power yet, Isay hell no, and just turn the boost up!

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