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So, what have we learned? Well, firstly that there are a shed load of de­cent mid­dleweight nekkids out there on the mar­ket; bikes for one and all, rang­ing in ca­pac­ity, specs, com­pe­tence and cost. As we pointed out at the start of this test, we could’ve put twice the num­ber of bikes we tested through their paces in this lit­tle soiree (if only we’d had more friends to muck-in with the rid­ing).

But the seven bikes tested re­flect the core of this sec­tor, which is a bloody ex­cit­ing and buoy­ant one to be a part of. Nat­u­rally, one bike was deemed the best of the bunch and it prob­a­bly won’t sur­prise a sin­gle one of you lovely read­ers to hear that the ac­co­lade for sheer bril­liance went to Tri­umph’s Street Triple RS. It wasn’t quite a case of shoot­ing fish in bar­rels, but the Trum­pet far out­classed any bike here, and out­priced them while it was at it.

Some­times there is a price you have to pay for per­fec­tion, and £10,100 seems to be the go­ing rate. At the com­plete op­po­site end of the mone­tary scale was the WK. That was a re­fresh­ing ad­di­tion to this group, as we’d ini­tially poo-pooed it ow­ing to the fact it wasn’t main­stream enough. Thank­fully, wis­dom pre­vailed and we all thor­oughly en­joyed giv­ing it a good and thor­ough spank­ing.

The same goes for most of the bikes in this mix. There wasn’t a mup­pet among them, though they all had their own idio­syn­cra­sies which helped us to bracket what bikes did what best. The smooth op­er­a­tors out there would love Kawasaki’s Z900, while the racier of you would be drawn to the GSX-S. The Mon­ster’s a looker (and sounder), while the MT’s a class-one head­case of the very best sort. There is no wrong ’un to high­light, so rest as­sured that if you’re tempted by any of the above men­tioned mo­tor­sick­les, you’ll not find your­self de­flated post-pur­chase. And if for some bizarre rea­son you are, please feel free to keep it to your­self as our com­plaints de­part­ment is cur­rently un­der­go­ing a re­fur­bish­ment. On that en­dear­ing note, shop away, peeps. And en­joy!

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