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What makes it unique? Just about ev­ery­thing! Brain­child of Erik Buell (the chap sit­ting), the XB-9R was meant to be the fo­cus of Buell as Har­ley-David­son’s sport­ing arm. Em­ploy­ing such rad­i­cal tech­nol­ogy as hous­ing the fuel in the frame, oil in the swingarm and mount­ing the brake disc to the wheel rim. As quirky bikes go, the Buell is a su­perb han­dling ma­chine, but it is slow, has a hor­rific gear­box and parts are hard to lo­cate. Still, we all love a chal­lenge.


Where do you start? Wheel bear­ings wear at an alarm­ing rate, drive belts snap un­less you fit an af­ter­mar­ket self-ten­sioner, oil pump drive gears snap on pre-2006 mod­els, dents in the frame/fuel tank can write the bike off and ser­vic­ing is tricky due to its com­pact­ness. And then there is the lack of spare parts…

En­gine: 984cc, air-cooled V-twin, 4v Tested power: 82bhp @ 7500rpm Tested torque: 89Nm @ 5500rpm Weight: 179kg Used prices: From £3000 to £4500

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