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“The more power you have the eas­ier it is to ini­ti­ate a drift... it’s shock­ingly fast”

So, what does it take to get a Sierra slid­ing with the UK’s finest? For Gary, it’s as much about ge­om­e­try as it is about trick com­po­nents – al­though proper Ford rally parts would be nice, of course…

Gary tells us, “People un­der­es­ti­mate proper align­ment, but setup makes a mas­sive dif­fer­ence. Just try it – you can come out ten times bet­ter.

“For drift­ing, you need ab­so­lute grip front and rear. In fact, there are mi­nor dif­fer­ences be­tween track and drift set­ups – for ex­am­ple, caster set­tings con­trol the re­turn of the steer­ing wheel, be­cause you let go mid- drift.”

Driver pref­er­ence and ul­ti­mate feel are ma­jor con­sid­er­a­tions, de­ter­min­ing not just the ease of skid­ding, but how spec­tac­u­lar the car looks through­out the en­tire process.

Gary says, “I like it firm on the front and soft on the rear be­cause it’s eas­ier to ini­ti­ate the drift. Some driv­ers like the sus­pen­sion re­ally soft, for loads of body roll to help un­bal­ance of the car – wig­gle the steer­ing and the car goes light. Too soft, and you’ll get lots of spins, but with no give it’s dif­fi­cult to achieve the weight trans­fer.”

Gary’s Sierra runs ad­justable coilovers, with com­pres­sion struts up front and no anti-roll bar ( which al­lows for greater steer­ing lock). Yes, there’s more body roll, but he achieves great trac­tion nev­er­the­less.

He’s also in­vested in a full ge­om­e­try setup by Wal­ton Smith of Nis­pro Per­for­mance. “He raced Sier­ras in Ire­land, and he knows how I drive, and so he knows ex­actly what he’s do­ing,” Gary adds.

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