Tech Spec


Fast Ford - - Drift Sierra -


Nis­san SR20DET with forged bot­tom end, Woss­ner pis­tons, Ea­gle rods, ACL bear­ings and bolts, up­rated oil pump, up­rated wa­ter pump, decked, steel gas­kets, skimmed, ported and pol­ished, CNC three-an­gle valve head, stan­dard cams, rocker stop­pers, ported and pol­ished, der­e­stricted plenum, T2871R turbo, Jap­speed stain­less man­i­fold, small in­ter­cooler (rated to 500bhp), stan­dard Cos­worth ra­di­a­tor with elec­tric fans, Nis­tune ECU, Gizmo boost con­troller, Nismo 800cc in­jec­tors, Bosch 044 pump, Sard fuel reg­u­la­tor, stan­dard fuel tank, mapped by FC Tun­ing


375bhp and 385lb/ft at 1.3 bar boost (claimed)


Stan­dard (re­built) SR20 gear­box with short shifter, car­bon OS Giken Su­per Sin­gle clutch and light­weight fly­wheel


Rear-wheel drive Sierra Cos­worth discs and calipers front and rear, hy­draulic hand­brake

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