Zetec Turbo’d Se­ries 2 RS Turbo ready for the B-road blast!

Fast Ford - - Contents - Words: Dan Be­vis Photos: Ade Bran­nan

When it comes to tak­ing on a retro project car like this Se­ries 2 RS Turbo, there are three fun­da­men­tal schools of thought: firstly, there are the con­cours purists; those that will travel to the ends of the Earth to hunt down the pe­riod-cor­rect fac­tory wrap for their wir­ing and will baulk at the idea of hav­ing the wrong colour fluid in their washer bot­tle on the show­ground. Se­condly, there are those who will take the old-school base as a can­vas to paint some­thing rad­i­cal and oth­er­worldly; an un­recog­nis­ably mod­i­fied ex­am­ple that al­ters the car’s very char­ac­ter and soul. And thirdly there are the peo­ple like Cameron Cook, owner of this as­tound­ingly clean RS: their MO is to sneak­ily en­hance and im­prove – to main­tain the spirit of the car, but op­ti­mise it for mod­ern use. This Se­ries 2 is, in essence, the sort of Es­cort that Ford might put out if they were still mak­ing them to­day: a faster, sharper, more re­fined Es­cort. At first glance, it looks pe­riod-per­fect in that fac­tory grey paint – it’s even got the stock RS Turbo fif­teen-inch al­loys, along with the oblig­a­tory 4-inch af­ter­mar­ket pipe that was so es­sen­tial in the 1990s. But take a step closer and you’ll spot more than a few clues that this thing is slicker than the av­er­age; the car­bon-fi­bre roof skin, the shiny in­ter­cooler with its bright blue pipework peep­ing through the bumper… still wa­ters run deep.

“I’ve not ac­tu­ally mod­ded many cars – this is only my sec­ond one,” Cameron ad­mits. “I’m one for keep­ing hold of things for a while, I get at­tached to them! Prior to this I had a Mk5 Fi­esta Zetec-S, which is sort of where I learned

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