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It might be the sen­si­ble way to pre­serve your car, but I hate tak­ing cars off the road for win­ter! It may sound like the talk of a bufty with a pampered trail­erqueen, but in the past I’ve car­ried on us­ing old cars through the win­ter and have wit­nessed the hor­rors that UK road salt cre­ates! A rot­ten shell usu­ally! It’s even worse up here, with the vast quan­ti­ties of salt the Scot­tish coun­cils lather ev­ery pos­si­ble inch of Tar­mac with ev­ery year! Any chance we could all just use win­ter tyres and teach driv­ers how to deal with the slippy stuff? Rather than cover the roads in car-killing condi­ments!

Well, the Cossie might have been sit­ting parked up in a huff at not be­ing used, but I’ve at least been gath­er­ing parts ready for its 2017 re­turn. Han­dling is the main agenda this year, and at the end of 2016 I col­lected my mod­i­fied rear beam from MC Fabri­ca­tions. It’s an awe­some bit of kit, with loads of ad­just­ment and ex­pertly fab­ri­cated new pick up points. The next job was to take it to my lo­cal trusted pow­der-coaters, Cus­tom Coat­ings in Mossend. I only re­quested a sim­ple grey fin­ish to keep things rust free, but as usual Adie went above and be­yond the call of duty and fin­ished the beam in a stun­ning metal­lic gun­metal grey which looks way to good to hide un­der the car!

The rear beam’s main job isn’t about look­ing pretty though, it’s all about sort­ing the typ­i­cally dread­ful Sierra ge­om­e­try. The trail­ing arm setup on all Cos­worths is in­cred­i­bly sim­ple and quite crude to be hon­est. When the sus­pen­sion is com­pressed ex­tra cam­ber and toe are au­to­mat­i­cally di­alled into the equa­tion. In the sim­plest OE ap­pli­ca­tions this can work with­out too many dra­mas – as the car will typ­i­cally be cor­ner­ing when the com­pres­sion oc­curs, and the in­creased cam­ber will help align the tyre tread with the road. Also the com­pressed cor­ner will toe in, and this will in­crease sta­bil­ity too.

How­ever, the prob­lems come when you fit stiff­ened and low­ered sus­pen­sion, or even if the sus­pen­sion is com­pressed when not cor­ner­ing. When low­ered the ge­om­e­try is ef­fec­tively in a per­pet­ual state of com­pres­sion, so added ex­cess cam­ber re­duces the tyre’s con­tact patch with the road, and both rear wheels are con­stantly toe­ing in!

The toe has the ef­fect of mak­ing the car very sta­ble at the rear, but the trade-off means when trac­tion does even­tu­ally break, it does so ex­tremely sud­denly! Dan­ger­ously-so in fact. My ex­pe­ri­ence of drift­ing cars with a non­ad­just­ing live axle such as a Capri, and more com­plex self-ad­just­ing rear ends such as my E36 BMW clearly high­light just how se­ri­ous an is­sue this is in the Sierra. And es­pe­cially a Sierra which is in­tended for some oc­ca­sional drift use!

The new MC Fab­ri­ca­tion beam not only al­lows the cam­ber and toe to be ad­justed, it also has the ‘6 de­gree’ mod­i­fi­ca­tion which will ad­dress some of the ge­om­e­try is­sues too. Ba­si­cally, this mod means the sus­pen­sion ge­om­e­try will not change as much as it would on a stan­dard beam when un­der com­pres­sion. The aim here is to get the wheels point­ing in the right di­rec­tion, and then min­imise any de­vi­a­tion from that whilst in use – and the MC Fab­ri­ca­tion beam looks like the right bit of kit for the job!

The new rear beam al­lows for full ad­just­ment of the rear ge­om­e­try




The Cossie is wait­ing to re­turn to the road in 2017, but Ade’s been to Ger­many and bought an old Granada to keep it com­pany in the garage!

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