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Although there’s noth­ing fun­da­men­tally wrong with the ST220’s brakes, they’re prob­a­bly the weak­est point of the en­tire car. Ford made bold claims about the Mon­deo’s stop­ping abil­ity but they lacked feel even when new – pos­si­bly be­cause the ST was sad­dled with the same 300mm vented front discs and 280mm solid rears as a base-model Mk3 – okay for a 113bhp diesel but some­what lack­ing on a sports sa­loon with twice the power.

For­tu­nately, faults ( when they oc­cur) are gen­er­ally cheap and straight­for­ward to fix. Most likely, you’ll ex­pe­ri­ence seized rear brake calipers, no­tably on pre-2004 mod­els. The hand­brake mech­a­nism is of­ten to blame, although worn ca­bles are com­mon or the pis­ton may also be stick­ing. Own­ers of early cars, in par­tic­u­lar, be­come ac­cus­tomed to re­new­ing at least one rear caliper ev­ery year- or-so; for­tu­nately, re­con­di­tioned re­place­ments aren’t ex­pen­sive.

ABS sen­sors also fail from time to time, mak­ing the warn­ing light glow on the dash­board. Gen­er­ally they’re easy to re­place.

At the front, it’s ad­vis­able to swap the whole lot for Fo­cus ST225 320mm discs, calipers and car­ri­ers, which are read­ily-avail­able sec­ond­hand and bolt straight on. Ev­ery ST220 should have them!

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