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Elec­tri­cal prob­lems are no more preva­lent on the ST220 than most other mod­ern cars, but when they arise they’re usu­ally a pain – and ex­pen­sive to fix.

Most trou­ble­some of all is the al­ter­na­tor, which is a unique com­po­nent for the ST220 and lives per­ilously close to the rear ex­haust man­i­fold/cat. Once it fails ( which it will), the charg­ing light on the dash­board will glow, the in­stru­ments will do a dance and other elec­tri­cal goodies will grad­u­ally shut down. An ST220 will run for a few min­utes with­out a func­tion­ing al­ter­na­tor, after which you’ll need break­down re­cov­ery and a trip to the bank.

A chafed wir­ing loom can also cause havoc; the loom across the bulk­head con­tains a fuse that’s not even listed on Ford’s parts di­a­grams, and if it blows the ST220’s smart- charg­ing sys­tem will fail.

Un­der the bon­net, it’s also vi­tal to check the wir­ing and op­er­a­tion of both cool­ing fans, which are known to seize solid; check them by en­sur­ing they run when the air con­di­tion­ing is switched on.

Other elec­tri­cal goodies may play up, with­out such cat­a­strophic re­sults. Re­vers­ing sen­sors ( where fit­ted) of­ten fail ( or sim­ply need clean­ing), as do head­lamp washer jets. Heated seat pads com­monly stop work­ing ( fid­dly to fix), and heated wind­screens can have dodgy el­e­ments ( costly to re­place). Six- disc head units are oc­ca­sion­ally prob­lem­atic, and cen­tral lock­ing mo­tors are frag­ile – ex­actly the same as other Mk3 Mon­deos.

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