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Hav­ing owned his fair share of Fords over the years this Mk2 Fo­cus ST found its way to Matt in what you could ro­man­ti­cally call ‘fate’ – it wasn’t un­til he went to a view a car that had been sold that he saw this one! And after hav­ing a test drive he knew it was the right car for him.

Start­ing com­pletely stan­dard it was the in­flu­ence from own­ers clubs and their ev­er­help­ful mem­bers that saw Matt first start to tap into some of the ST’s huge mod­i­fy­ing po­ten­tial. First up an ex­haust, in­take, in­ter­cooler, and a Revo Stage 2 map pushed power to 335bhp, but as many of us can tes­tify, the quest for more power can be a slip­pery slope!

The car is now push­ing out over 550bhp, and it only stops there be­cause he’s max’d out the soon-to-be-up­graded fuel sys­tem! The en­gine bay is a blend of forged five-pot Du­ratec, Gar­rett GTX30 turbo, New­man cams, Airtec in­ter­cooler, 4-inch down­pipe and 3-inch KMS ‘Sec­tion 18’ ex­haust - all be­ing con­trolled by a Syvecs ECU.

A twin plate rac­ing clutch and Quaife ATB help tame all that power and put it down to the road. Meanwhile the ex­te­rior is kept fairly sub­tle con­sid­er­ing the huge amount of power the car is pro­duc­ing. Some wide con­cave Bola wheels, an RS spoiler and rear dif­fuser, bon­net vents, and front split­ter give an OEM+ feel to the styling.

Matt’s favourite mod­i­fi­ca­tion has to be the Syvecs ECU though, which he says “is a se­ri­ous bit of kit and I highly rec­om­mend it!”. Some­thing we’ve heard many other big power Fo­cus own­ers claim.

Fu­ture plans in­clude push­ing the car to a heady 700hp, and we can’t wait to see if he cracks it!

POWER: 556.7bhp

QUICK SPEC: 2.5-litre five-cylin­der Du­ratec, fully forged in­ter­nals, block mod, Gar­rett GTX30 turbo, Syvecs ECU, New­man Stage 1 cams, Group A air fil­ter, Airtec RS Stage 2 in­ter­cooler, 3-inch KMS ‘Sec­tion 18’ ex­haust sys­tem, 4-inch down­pipe with de-cat, TTV rac­ing twin-plate clutch, Quaife ATB, MTEC grooved discs and pads, BC Rac­ing coil-overs, 18-inch bola CSR al­loys, RS spoiler and dif­fuser

Rich Fox’s ex-cover car Fo­cus RS made an ap­pear­ance later in the day

Matt’s Mk2 ST was the most pow­er­ful Fo­cus on the dyno, pro­duc­ing 556.7bhp!

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