Jamie treats the RS to a moun­tune axle-back ex­haust up­grade.. .and he loves it!

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Last month the RS had its first ever oil change, and with fresh flu­ids and an up­dated PCM it was ready for ac­tion once again. And my first port of call was le­gendary Ford tuners, moun­tune. Back at the end of last sum­mer I was lucky enough to test drive their M380 demo car – I loved the car so much that I im­me­di­ately had the M380 up­grade fit­ted to my RS! But one other thing that I loved about that demo car was the axle-back ex­haust up­grade it sported. Ever since I’ve wanted one for my car, and now I’ve got one!

On start up it im­me­di­ately sounds an­gry – like you’ve just punched a sleep­ing bear in the face! It growls and sneers, and sounds bloody ag­gres­sive! Per­fect for an RS then!

Even in Nor­mal mode it’s more ag­gres­sive with the axle-back fit­ted, giv­ing a nice bark when you blip the throt­tle and more of those in­fa­mous pops and snaps on lift-off too.

But flick the RS into Sport mode and the car is trans­formed – es­pe­cially with the re­vised ‘M380 + ex­haust’ cal­i­bra­tion in­stalled!

Im­me­di­ately the growl at tick­over in­ten­si­fies! Now it sounds like that bear you punched in the face has just caught you sleep­ing with his mis­sus too! Give the throt­tle a blip and the whole thing crack­les and bangs like a tuned fast Ford should!

Out on the road the driv­ing ex­pe­ri­ence com­pletely changes – you can’t help but try and pro­voke the loud­est pops and bangs pos­si­ble. If you’ve driven the stan­dard car and think that’s good in Sport mode, you need to try one with the axle-back fit­ted; it gives the RS a whole other di­men­sion!

But pop­ping and bang­ing, and roar­ing and bark­ing are all very well on a Sun­day B-road blast, but they’re not quite so wel­come on a Mon­day morn­ing com­mute. Watch­ing school chil­dren (and their par­ents!) duck be­cause they think they’ve just heard a shot­gun be­ing fired as you drive past isn’t re­ally go­ing to win you any favours with the lo­cals. Time and place an’ all that...

And, for me, that’s the best thing about moun­tune’s axle-back up­grade; it can make the car sound like a rip­snort­ing, ag­gres­sive, mon­ster when I want it to, but when I drop it back into Nor­mal mode and plod along in ev­ery­day traf­fic the car be­haves like a sen­si­ble OE model.

Call me greedy, but I want to be able to use my £30k car as much as pos­si­ble, and I don’t want a stupidly loud ex­haust sys­tem that’s em­bar­rass­ing to use around town, scares pedes­tri­ans, or gen­er­ally makes me look a bit of a knob. And thanks to some clever en­gi­neer­ing by the boffins at moun­tune, the axle-back means the car does what I want, when I want.

Fur­ther­more it doesn’t drone! At all. Not ever. Moun­tune say they have spent a lot of time and cash de­vel­op­ing a sys­tem that doesn’t drone or boom at mo­tor­way speeds, and what­ever they have done has worked! You can sit at steady cruis­ing speeds and have a con­ver­sa­tion with the pas­sen­gers with­out even rais­ing your voice. In the past I’ve had cars

with ex­hausts so un­bear­able they are prac­ti­cally un­us­able on any­thing other than a short sprint to the shops, but the axle-back is re­ally re­fined. It’s got a nice dis­tant grum­ble to let you know you’re driv­ing an RS, but it also means you can use the car in com­fort for long dis­tance cruis­ing just as much as you can chuck it around a race track.

In case you can’t tell al­ready, I ab­so­lutely love what moun­tune’s axle­back ex­haust has done for my RS. It re­ally is a case of hav­ing your cake and eat­ing it!

Yes, some may say that at £1050 it’s ex­pen­sive, but trust me it’s worth ev­ery penny! It re­tains the orig­i­nal cen­ter-sec­tion of the ex­haust, along with those com­pli­cated OE pyra­mid­flats, so you have no fears over any clear­ance is­sues - ideal for low­ered cars like mine.

And don’t for­get that it’s the only ex­haust that doesn’t af­fect the base war­ranty, and it comes com­plete with a new valve and mo­tor assem­bly too!

Plus if, like me, you find it dif­fi­cult part­ing with large sums of cash, you can take ad­van­tage of moun­tune’s finance op­tions too. It doesn’t mat­ter how you pay for it, just make sure you get one on your RS as I guar­an­tee you’ll love it as much as I do!

Moun­tune’s axle-back comes com­plete with a new valve and mo­tor assem­bly too

The axle-back sim­ply slots over the OE cen­tre sec­tion with the sup­plied cou­pling

With the axle-back fit­ted Jamie could in­stall the ‘ M380 + Ex­haust’ cal­i­bra­tion to make full use of it all!

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