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Look Inside Your Head

“It’s been fun to look back at this al­bum. It was made around ten years ago. It was a very im­por­tant thing to do be­cause it was my first al­bum.

“I was just pro­duc­ing away, and at one point I had a lot of tracks that were just ready to be re­leased. It was quite an amount. I just thought, ‘Why not do an al­bum?’.

“It was fun. When do­ing an artist al­bum you can take steps to­wards dif­fer­ent di­rec­tions, mu­si­cally.

“Look Inside Your Head was al­ways go­ing to be the first track, though. It ac­tu­ally came into my head when I was lis­ten­ing to a Pix­ies al­bum. There was this one track, Where Is My Mind?, that in­spired me to get in the stu­dio. I changed all the notes and got in­spired to make my own ver­sion of it. It was a com­bi­na­tion of moody vibes and synths, and it came to­gether re­ally quickly. It pretty much pro­duced it­self, to be hon­est, and it just felt right to open the al­bum with.”


“This started as a track that I didn’t know how to fin­ish. I’d al­ready had the main riff sound, but with a lot more notes. It was kind of go­ing through a whole melody, but I couldn’t get the track re­ally go­ing. Some­times that hap­pens.

“It didn’t have enough drive to make it a fun track. So I sim­pli­fied ev­ery­thing, and only ended up us­ing two notes of my orig­i­nal melody. It worked, so I re­peated that across the track. It ended up cre­at­ing a lot of en­ergy, which is ex­actly what I needed for that track so I was very happy with the way it turned out.

“I just added some cool beats and it came to­gether very quickly af­ter that.”

By Any De­mand

“This sam­ples the rap­per, King Bee. I loved that track [King Bee’s Back By Dope De­mand]. I’d al­ways wanted to use that sam­ple. I orig­i­nally sam­pled it, and based the whole track around it, but when we went to clear the orig­i­nal track we couldn’t use the “It’s shap­ing up to be a re­ally cool year. I’m get­ting ready to re­lease my, as yet un­ti­tled, third al­bum. I’ve just got back from my hon­ey­moon and am back to work. The al­bum will be very di­verse. I’m go­ing back to the more melodic sounds, tak­ing it into new brack­ets. It will have an old feel to it, too, com­bined with pro­gres­sive sounds, techy sounds, and more House sounds. It will fea­ture some guests. HI-LO will def­i­nitely be on there, as will Land­scape. I also have a few other projects on the go, mainly a lot of solo tracks com­bin­ing dif­fer­ent sounds. I’m go­ing to remix one of my older tracks too.”

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