How to… have a stereo game­plan

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Many mod­ern sound sources – stereo synths, uber-wide drum sam­ples from com­mer­cial packs etc – are of­ten over-widened to im­press us. Us­ing these kinds of sounds can lead to a mix that sounds weak and un­fo­cused when summed to mono. So have a stereo game­plan from the be­gin­ning. Once you have a few sounds work­ing to­gether, check the mix’s col­lec­tive mono com­pat­i­bil­ity, and iden­tify phase prob­lems at an early stage. At this point, you can rein in the width of any trou­ble­some sounds; or com­pletely sum them to mono, then add back your own cus­tom width with pan­ning and pro­cess­ing.

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