Fil­ters, gat­ing, EQ and dy­nam­ics con­trol

Future Music - - TOOLKIT -

Through the fol­low­ing steps, we’ll be con­trol­ling a num­ber of pa­ram­e­ters within a sin­gle chan­nel strip plugin, to tame a drum loop Run­ning drum loops along­side pro­grammed drum parts is a pop­u­lar pro­duc­tion tech­nique, as loops can bring groove and mix weight to a col­lec­tion of one-shot sounds. The only prob­lem is that loops tend to ‘re­in­force’ fre­quency con­tent which is likely to be present in your pro­grammed drum parts, which can cre­ate all kinds of con­flicts. Maybe your loop con­tains a kick drum whose fre­quen­cies fight those of your pro­grammed kick pat­tern. Or maybe the snare, clap or hi-hat parts in the loop cre­ate too much bite or a vol­ume spike in other ar­eas. Chan­nel strip plug­ins can tame all of these prob­lems and more be­sides, as we’ll see through these steps.

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